Why Kamal Hassan and RajiniKanth?

As anyone in TN knows its state of politics, 2 of the largest parties in TN are now in de-activated state. On one side, ADMK party leader Ms. J. Jayalalitha’s demise and on other side Kalaingar.M. Karunanidhi’s deteriorating health made a big void in Political stage of Tamil Nadu.

Other parties Congress,TMC, DMDK, MDMK, PMK, Naam Tamizhar Katchi,VCK who are treated as bare competitive to other two main parties are not gaining an inch towards the victory rope. As those party leaders are not taken the correct tactics in hand to win the race in future.  Out of these parties NTK party leader Mr. Seeman had registered his loud voice wherever he goes, and he also conducts public addressing then and there. Still Mr.Seeman was not able to capitalise the situation that prevails in Tamil Nadu. The previous state election by 2016 had proved the point that only 2 parties are in power when it comes to philosophical politics or Symbol politics. None of the other party members got the deposits.

Even DMK Acting Head of DMK, Thalapathy Mr. M.K Stalin after trying a lot he couldn’t capitalise the current situation of TN ruling party’s issues. AIADMK had no leader, and the control is from the center still they own the majority to win the floor test in assembly.

On counting the events, ‘SuperStar’ Rajinikanth first and later ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan portrayed themselves to enter politics. Each had their own way of speech to propose the eagerness towards entering politics. Rajinikanth had a meeting with his fans in his Raghavendra Hall and announced that “We will See When War Comes”, but most said Rajini won’t enter because he wa saying the same set of lines from past 21 yrs. Still their fans are eager to watch their ‘thalaivar’ entering politics.

Later, Kamal Hassan, started tweeting about the cons of the current TN government.  Rather being infected by more politicians of TN , in the past was not interested towards entering politics. Now after Late J.Jayalalithaa’s demise he made a first controversial tweet like “Deep condolences who are dependent” that marked the start of Kamal Hassan’s aggression towards politics. After which time and time he tweets about the issues, later this month he openly admitted that he will enter politics. I don’t know how this is going to work.

Who has edge in TN currently?

Rajinikanth still hesitant to start, Kamal Hassan already started to scratch the political plate of TN. He now handles Twitter and social media as a tool to emboss his presence in TN. Frankly, Rajinikanth is more popular in TN than Kamal Hassan, as his movies depicted commercial success in TN. Kamal Hassan was more opposite in doing movies. This factor created a huge difference. But later Kamal Hassan hired a bullet train i mean the social media to travel faster in TN politics. He handles media and social websites well. He even chose to enter the small media entertainment through big boss which was a huge reach for him to meet people.

Even having all the skills and ideas Kamal Hassan doesn’t have more edge in winning the contest. As people are ready to vote only for Sun and 2 Leaves with the symbols became Icons with their effective leaders. He had popularity but not the vigor of winning elections here in TN. People in TN are more oriented to the 2 big parties in TN.

So even Kamal hassan or Rajinikanth contests in elections DMK have a clear edge over them. Both of them will win as they gained popularity through cinema but the team they have should win but that would be a mere dream run for them.

Final kicker would be, DMK’s edge over other parties are clear cut in winning the next election. But this may change in further days… Change is the one which will never change in the world.


Chandraganesh Vellaisamy

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