What Happend to “Vivegam” ?

“Vivegam” its AK 25, What’s AK? AK – ‘Ajith Kumar’ is that so, then why in most of his movies’ title card had his name as ‘Ajith’.
“Thala” and Siruththai Siva had given their 3rd combo movie, but this time in a more stylish and technical way. The main question is whether the movie worked out well?
This movie had mixed bag of reviews, both positive and negative. The movie will collect 100Crs in first 3 days as it had bulk booking in theaters. The promotions done in all the TV and shows were sky high, the question to the team whether the promotions itself made the movie slightly below par of expectation.

Positives of Vivegam:
1. Ajith Kumar, he did this movie only for his hard core fans. The movie is only for them, it would not pull family audience after 3 days of theatrical run.
2. Anirudh, BGM and Songs are well tonned. At times his BGM lifts the mass scenes to another level.
3. VFX and Camera works are the important factors for this movie. There were no grey areas in those departments.

Negatives of Vivegam:
1. Logics loop holes, like in the opening sceen how possibly could a man do that from such a big reservoir. i dont know how siva framed that scene.
2. Romantic scenes between Ajith Kumar and Kajal, i dont think it worked well.
3. Lot of bullets, over fed technology in the story, self potrayal of the characters led a way that normal audience will feel hectic in theatre.
4. Whenever Kajal comes in the screen, people are more agitated that they dint like her coming in the screen.

Scenes that are absurd:
1. Opening sequence jump from reservoir.
2. Anti terroist force, whether they are indians? bulgarians? or serbians? i literally dont know.
3. Hacking and reverse hacking both the words spelled equal to the bullets shots in the movie.
4. Climax sequence and interval block are both below par expectations.
Scenes that are interesting:
1. Sniper scenes comes twice in the movie, both are interesting.
2. Ajith involved in 2 songs of self potrayal.
3. Bike stunts, fights in between trains.
4. Ajith’s meeting with Kajal in a public arena.
4. Ajith’s mass scenes.

What Ajith can change?
1. Look and style, he definetly needs a change.
2. Leave out siruththai siva, and provide call sheet for many good working directors.
3. Go for current trending concepts in scripts.
4. Avoid self portrayal in the more scenes.
5. Choose Heroine who has current market in industry.
The Movie is for Hard core Ajith’s Fans, it would not pull family audience as the story is in such a flow.
so “Vivegam”, a bike that Had pickup, but couldn’t withstand the long run.

Chandraganesh Vellaisamy

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