People’s voice

First Demonetization, for now its GST which is ruining people’s life in India. if you treat this as a medicine, then think pills won’t taste bad for a long time even
after you drink water. Still people are facing many problems with the current situation.

people are ready to pay tax, but utilization of tax for the people is not happening in India. whether Road condition, toll booths in high way, water scarcity,
electricity issues are cleared? whether people get continuous supply of food, water and electricity?

Any politician can answer this, its an open question.

Specifically in Tamilnadu, there are several problems to be addressed. But no one is taking care of those problems. TN government instead of looking at people’s
concerns, they are dealing with cases associated with the scams. people are starving, they dint ask for ambrocia.They just ask for basic living facilities like food,
water and shelter.

Hydrocarbon escavation, Nuclear reactor, sand escavation mafia, are some problems that are still not dealt with good hand. Farming and Agriculture are made impossible
in current situation. is there a remedy? this question is specific to TN.

Government water pumps are empty, but we don’t know how the mineral water company, coke company and car manufacturing company are surviving. Even after frequent and
continuous revolt from the people, the Indian and TN government are impotent to take necessary actions.

Farmer loans are not waived, as more non-farmers are availed loan previously. if the loans are completely waived then India will be in more debt this is the general
thought by the governments. But the question is, why non-farmers are availed load previously? why the bankers had been careless in those period of time?
This will be an obvious question to bankers and its managing government.

NEET exam is a separate topic to discuss, so it can be a separate article.

Before people loses their interest towards election and the government in course of time, the government must react and do good deeds that would help common people to
survive. Still people have lots of hope in Law and Law makers.

Understand people, live for the people and serve the people. This will be the general advice from common public.



Chandraganesh Vellaisamy


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