We are the change

Time has come for the people, by the people and for the people slogan will raise out soon. Recently the political stature had been changed. if you look at the issues that happened in Tamil Nadu, one thing came to my mind “its a complete Chaos”.
some questions that are unanswerable when the public raised on the the political stand of the TN government.

Recent issues for the people:
1. Water scarcity
–> Proper storage Facility is not created, instead Thermacoals are used to cover the steam.
2. Neduvasal Hydro carbon issue
–> Taking hydrocarbon is fine, whether cleanliness and pollution control can be maintained?
3. Atomic power plant issue
–> Atomic energy is a need, but where will the nuclear waste be recycled, whether radiation proofing is available now?
4. De-Monitization
–> No Back up plan, no comments about the useless proposal.
5. Beef Ban.
–> If Eating Beef is banned, Ban eating plants. So that deforestation can be avoided.
6. Religious integrety issues.
–> People who have brain with 6 senses will not create issues with that.
7. Taxing and price hike
–> Corruption is the one that causes taxing and price hike.
8. farmer’s protest
–> Farmers are not Film stars and they are not from Kenya or Africa to help. 683Cr given to Kenyan farmers. hope all us know.
9. unemployment issue
–> Pepsi and Cola companies will give employment, but people will die out of water scarcity.
10. TASMAC issue.
–> Most drink, but can educate people through rehabilitation centers.
These are some issues that came to my mind, but there are many to be listed.
The two major party leaders are not in course of action, thus paving way for the National party to enter TN. The current government runs without engine oil in a fast moving highway lane. ‘Time when the people protests and agitates for all their basic needs is directly proportional to the inactive government’

i am from a small part of India, there are lot of issue need to be dealt here. So i could only speak about local issues. There are other people who is taking care of National issues. None of the above listed issues are taken care properly.
Some party leaders are there, who creates agitation among the youths, there is noting like being alone or seperate state. Those people are carried away by some useless happenings.
Now another problem is Film star coming into politics, Super star RajniKant who may come to politics. we are welcoming his arrival , only two question arises in mind is, ” what are the plans he has for TN people?” if his Agenda is good and if he doesn’t be a puppet to central politics then he is always welcome.
Another question to Rajnikant Ji , Why he dint actively say about entering politics when Late CM. J.Jayalalitha and inactive Dr. M .Karunanidhi were in action.
RajniKant Ji is always welcomed, but people are wise. People knows about selecting the proper candidate.
Notably, TN Running government is afraid and no statements are given when the above listed issues are burning. lets see, what happens in further months.

People mindset now : ” WE CAN CHANGE, WE ARE THE CHANGE”

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