Late Chief Minister Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa’s Sudden death and Mystery

Tamil Nadu had lost their lady leader who had been invincible in the past in many situations. But now she is no more to carry on her leadership in TN. I hope the people now are reconciled slowly from the sad demise of Late Chief Minister Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa. Even though there were more negative aspects for her, people all over TN had fallen into deep sadness over that week. Most leaders from other states had attended the final rights performing functions at Rajaji Hall. Even the opposite pole star had attended from his part and delivered condolences as she departed.

The death of Late Chief Minister Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa created many confusions and unfilled emotions. Still the death of her raising questions to most of the people in TN. The social media and networks spread variety of news over the week. The people too had same mindset over the death of her.

From Minthuligal’s point of view, I am drafting the Mysteries and Questions over the death of Late Chief Minister Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa.

Problems Faced by Late Chief Minister Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa,

  • She was admitted to the hospital by September last week with the reason of dehydration and fever.
  • Lung congestion and infection which caused the difficulty in breathing forced the Apollo doctors to put her under CCU in ventilator.
  • when anybody is under the artificial breathing, the chances of living is so minimum (which any medical student will not reveal, but it’s a non-written truth in the medical field)
  • Richard Bailey, a Famous Doctor from London who also joined later to treat her lung congestion.
  • After a writ filed in the high court, Apollo released periodical bulletins from their letter pad.
  • finally, by DEC 5th evening she encountered a cardiac arrest which led to her sudden death after putting a 75 day fight with the severe illness.

Despite the above statements being true there were more conspiracies and mysteries surrounded her death.

Reasons for controversies and mysteries,

  • During her 75days in hospital, there were no photographs or video proof that she was alive during that period of time.
  • There was no bulletin from the Government authority (chief secretary) which will be said as authenticated one.
  • Head of state proceedings The Resp. Governor was not allowed to meet her in the hospital.
  • In spite of many rumors and speculations, there was no authenticated sources for her treatment during those days.
  • Other leaders from other states, or the leaders of opposition party were not allowed to see her in the hospital.
  • Only high position leader, that is our PM Resp.Narendara Damodradass Modi didn’t pay a visit to the Hospital.
  • Few hours before death news of J. Jayalalithaa, all ministers meeting was held in the ADMK party office.
  • Why all the MLAs sheltered around Apollo for that particular day?
  • After death of her, within 1hr within that night Resp.O. Panneer Selvam sworn as CM of TamilNadu by the Governor of the state. Even planned functions are disturbed many times, but I don’t know how ADMK MLAs are so organized and planned within the short period of time.
  • When J. Jayalalithaa was in Jail, the MLAs who sworn cried and was sad faced. But after her death nobody shed their tears, not even a single drop.

Conspiracies on her death (May be Rumors):

  • If J. Jayalalithaa was alive and getting better for those days at least a photo should be release by Sasikala and other who were in the hospital, but that dint happen.
  • When no photos and video proof released the people and media can rumor anything and speculate what they want.
  • Why an Authorized bulletin from the Chief Secretary is not published during that period of illness?
  • Only doctors from Apollo Hospital, Richard bailey, Sasikala saw J. Jayalalithaa during that period of treatment.
  • Why Governor, other party leaders are not allowed to visit her?
  • Why Hon. PM Modi ji didn’t visit J. Jayalalithaa in Hospital?
  • Her Cheek had 3 holes which most say that was due to embalming, nobody said why that happened? No reports officially said what it was?
  • Why people who are identified by J. Jayalalithaa as traitors stood around J. Jayalalithaa? Natarajan and other people of Sasikala’s family held the surrounding position of her body that day.
  • Why J. Jayalalithaa’s niece are not allowed to stand near her?
  • Why Sasikala is still in Poes Garden house? is J. Jayalalithaa had written any will for her?
  • Is Venkaiya Naidu a relative to J. Jayalalithaa? is he related to TN? is he a minister in TN? NO…. but he was there whole day sitting near her.
  • No one around J. Jayalalithaa’s body cried and no one’s face was saddened. Whether the face of relatives or friends will be fresh when she died?
  • The Next Day All MLA’s called Sasikala to gain the post of General secretary. she is a continuous member of ADMK since 2012 only.

Why ADMK MLA’s are pointing Sasikala Towards the General Secretary post?

  • Main line will be the remaining 4.5 yrs. of rule. So, all MLAs are now streamlined and forced themselves to say Sasikala is the next chief secretary of ADMK.


Single and Bold women is now no more to Rule Tamil Nadu. No effective opposition for DMK party. Past history says how strong The Late Chief Minister Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa was.

Deep and deep condolences for people, everything will be soon come to light for TN. Hope All is well, rather than political parties people will support the leaders who will do good for the TN People.

ADMK after Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa’s Death

AIADMK is the party from Tamil Nadu has more number of members associated with the party. Late Hon.Chief Minister held the magic rope connecting all the members of the party. Loyalty and trustworthiness will both go hand in hand with the ADMK party. But now After the demise of Late Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa, while some party people are in different direction and all the MLAs are in different direction.

Some say Sasikala Natarajan to be the next CM, some say she must be the next General secretary of the party. But some voices from the ADMK members say she must be involved in ADMK’s powers. There lies the confusion of making Sasikala Natarajan a worthy leader or getting her to move away from the ADMK boundaries.

Reasons for MLA’s to pin point Sasikala Natarajan as General secretary or CM:

  • Late Chief Minister Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa had friendly relationship with Sasikala for almost 30 years.
  • None of the family members for Late CM so close like Sasikala Natarajan.
  • Even though the Late CM didn’t give any power or will to Sasikala, the power in ADMK is a symmetric force that Sasikala automatically gained.
  • if the period remaining to be 1 yr. or so, then MLA’s would have distributed ideology towards electing Sasikala as the General Secretary. But for now, full 4.5 yrs. of rule is on their hands so obviously, the MLA’s will be united to enjoy the period of rule.
  • Also, the Late CM Selvi.J. Jayalalithaa didn’t give any powers to her family members, neither she announced anything on the legal heir for politics.
  • For past years, Late CM believed only on Sasikala, so with that loyalty and trust Sasikala will win among the MLA’S.








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