Mysteries and Conspiracies Around us

Look out and watch out are not just simple words to human brain it’s a call

to humanity. Lot of things can move like a whisker under your eyes without
your knowledge. Likewise, we are surrounded by Mysteries and
Conspiracies around us. Conspiracy theory, don’t imagine yourself going to
read a file from CIA or ISI. It’s ours we own those conspiracies. Most of us
won’t be aware , most of us would have already gone through phases of life
to make those as discussions. This is just a revisit to those memories in
India and its conspiracy theories. These may be rumours and some are
real conspiracies. This is not intentional to hurt anyone.

❏ Why Tamizh Nadu is getting neglected from the other states, it’s a
planned slavery from the high range so called brahmins and
telungans. Revisit the history of Srilanka and Tamizh nadu you would
find the Name ‘Vadugar’ those are the telugu base people who rule
Srilanka from the start and they are the people who joined hands with
Nambudiris in Kerala, Kannada Vadugar from karnataka and Telugu
vadugar from Andra is now destroying Tamizh clan.
Why our chief ministers are not from Tamil Base from the
start line goes to Periyar(although he was not a CM but a strong
ideologist), Anna, MGR,Kalaignar, Jayalalitha. Also other political
leaders like Vaiko,vijayakanth. Think and put a thought towards it.
❏ Was Godse the one who lonely planned and killed Gandhiji? He shot
twice at Gandhi, but there were 4 bullets in his body by the report.
Another jinx was, Gandhiji was alive for 20min after the bullet was hit
his body. This may be surprising but this is believed to be a million
dollar conspiracy.

❏ Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose while gaining the people’s attention
for his courageous and courteous effort on managing INA lost his life
while passing burma on Air. But records are later half revealed that
he died because of 3rd degree burns a year later. Secret meetings
with Hitler and its records are not disclosed till now.
❏ Bharat ratna MGR was the powerful man who created miracle and
history in Tamil cinema and political arena. Due to intake of golden
powder from siddha medicine he had a kidney damage and step by
step each part got degraded in his body. Palsy attacked his body so
nerve endings are damaged even he can’t lift his right hand, also he
lost his sense of touch.
❏ MGR and M.R Radha shot each other with the Gun. Both had same
type of Guns and bullets as they both bought it together in the
armoury shop. Radha was hit in side of the forehead without major
injury. But MGR survived the bullet in his throat. Still the reason for
the Gun fire was not clearly revealed and it still remains as a
❏ Death of Sanjay gandhi as he married a dalit woman menaka. which
was not liked by his mother Indhira who was the Iron lady of that era
had a hand over the issue. This is laid to be a controversy and thus
still a conspiracy.
❏ Tamizh Ezham Issue started around later part of 80’s, a view through
political window was to gain people’s attention towards election

❏ The assassination of Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumbudur.
Lights were on Subramaniyaswamy and chandraswami at that time.
Later the CM of Tamizh Nadu was not attending the meet with the
PM Rajiv Gandhi at that period of time raised lots of doubts. Also
there were intel reports on the Assassination going to happen, still
Rajiv acted against the threat lost his life there. Since 26yrs in prison,
the convicted accomplice are not released even they had served a 2
life sentences.
❏ Alliance with the Janata party and Aiadmk leader in her regime had
some conspiracy that AiAdmk leader was slow poisoned and it was
found out and informed by the powerful Janata party hand who is now
the PM of India. This was not disclosed but may be a rumour around.
❏ Serial bomb blast in Coimbatore, Meenambakkam and Mumbai were
some related to Dawood’s conspiracy who is a don underworld. Still
he is somewhere out there disturbing the whole peace out in the
❏ The black man in indian cricket team while in IPL 2014, who tweeted
everything from the dressing room is still to be identified.
❏ Latest and last cruel murder of Swathi and Murder of Ramkumar.
This was added to the conspiracy theory as it was so sensitive which
involved many upper hands which touches sky heights.

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