Kabali Movie First On Net



(+) – Rajini , everything is positive about him. style,gesture,look and voice. he had done a role that exactly matches his age with much glossier look.

(-) – Nothing to say.


(+) – Limited sequence of activity in screen, but graceful.

(-) – There may be negative if heroine portion is large, so NO to negative.


(+) Gangster for a good cause, breaks down everyone who is opposite to him. Ranjith’s trademark gangster story worked out very well. Story continues with lot of characters indulged, villains in the movie are handpicked that everyone played a good part in carrying the story. Story had both Rajinism and Ranjith all over the scenes.

Mass scenes are also there and class scenes of hype is also there. dialogues gave a good hand to lift up the emotion of the movie. The story line moves around the workers who are made slave in rubber estate and Children welfare of education, Kabali will stand within the Opponents to destroy them in style.

(-) Movie ends with a slight ambiguity, the final knot is left in hands of audience.


(+) Good screenplay such that 1st half is really pacy. Also there is no complexity in dealing with the screenplay in the movie. perfect for a mass entertainer movie.

(-) Slight 5 to 10 min trim to some portions in 2nd half. But you wont feel that as negative because you have Rajini to carry the scene.


(+) Neruppu Da – will really make you feel to another level. All other songs are good with the flow of the movie. santhosh narayan was good at making music for the movie flow.

(-) As a Rajini movie, i expected another song that would stand different. But as a Ranjith movie it was good.


(+) Lee,kishore, dhansika , dhinesh, kalaiyarasan, John Vijay all had good characters for them to display.

(-) Lot of characters to count in the movie, they are from crew of Ranjith’s previous movies. Also some characters are not sticking to the actual gist.


Attakathi Dinesh had barely 3 dialogues to spell out.

Dhanshika’s fight sequence.


Ranjith dint make any compromise as other directors did with Rajini. Hats off to him. He was one good directed who executed the movie with a fine work. He handled both Mass and Class altogether with the movie.

BGM splendidly supported the movie. One place i was disappointed is, Old 80’s Rajini will walk by combing his hair with hand, at that point Santhosh missed to score. This you will notice once you watch the flow of the movie.

Slight Malay Slang will be sprayed all over, to cook the food crisper.


This movie will attract both Rajini’s Audience and Ranjith’s Audience. Watching in theater ambiance will surely be good.  It had certain elements of family portion, both Family liking will be a slight question mark on that.


Kabali – “MAGIZHCHI”





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