The Art Of Writing An Article


Generally the word article have two meaning that is using the article as grammar(a,an,the) another one we say that it is a “SEPERATE CLAUSE OF A DOCUMENT”. The easy steps to write the article:

    * Get an idea about what you are  going to write.

    * Gather information.

    * Insert the data to the document that you are going to prepare.

    * Use the specific vivid words because it makes the reader to get more interest and readable.

    * Insert some related pictures, quotes , phrases and figure of speech.

    * The conclusion must be generalized and it is not an unexpected weird one.

    * The reader always get an idea about the article when the topic is clear and he is half readed and also he may get concluded. If the conclusion is unexpected and he get became thinking that the document is somewhat not fulfill.

    * The conclusion should be positive.

    * It must create an impact to the reader.

 The note is, the first article that comes out from you may not give you the best but being practised should bring you the idea of ” THE ART OF WRITING AN ARTICLE “. You must know that the art is created by each and every people, you may create ” AN ART TO THE ARTICLE “.

– Kalai Selvi.M


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