“V” for ‘Victory’


This is Totally my view, this is not written intentionally to hurt anyone. Views may differ, but this article will publicize what i thought as a common man.

How change can happen when already a change in effect!! Is that possible to get TN to the hands of new leader or party? the answer is NO, i think so.

On the Verge of Ruling party again going to have its feet garnished with the Power, the opposition is on the downfall with some of their own reasons to blame. The present opposition party have played the black jack when its out of trump card. Some reason i personally infer were,
1. Alliance with the old National Party, 41 is large margin out of which only 8 was in their bags.
2. Leopard party, Caste party, KO party these 3 came out of alliance from opposition party over the course of last 10yrs, this was the major set back to loose some % of voters.
3. Truth of some B-Team effect, which i strongly believe was also a major set back to current opposition party.
4. Ruling party had the symbol as a constant to 234 constituencies, but the opposition stood with different symbolic representations which may have produced some confusion in this bottle neck situation. i think may be .5% of voters may have confused as voted in the ballet machine. This could happen as a manual error.
5. I think Ban of liquor propaganda was also a major impact in loosing some .9% to 1% voters in total.( this thought is absurd, but i think some probability of this would have happened).
“Money got distributed, freebies are there in the manifesto, news schemes are about to come when the rulers come to action”, sarcastically said. TN was in dull state for almost 3 or 4 years. Investments are the problem in past 3 years, people know about the issue even-though they warmly welcome the ruling party again to rule.
The above 5 points collectively gave an edge to Ruling party to win again. I would say people also followed social websites that said about some former legislative members, because from thousand lights, Anna nagar and pallavaram people chose opposition party over the ruling party. As you all people know how the sitting MLAs of those 3 areas behaved.
Now again the rule is on, bending is on, stickers are on but only thing i expect is good administration that says the ruler’s name for years. People must get the whole benefit out it.
Good development activities, Educational improvements, economical improvements, agricultural improvements are the needed ones that this government must take care. If this is going to happen every one who caste their vote would be happy and make them to rule again.

Chandraganesh Vellaisamy.


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