(Ka)adhalum (ka)dandhu (po)gum Review

ka ka po

Hero :
(+) –> Body language and natural flow of character. I couldn’t say more than that.
(-) –> Vijay sethupathi can change over his style of choosing movies which are said to be average. Need him to see as a hero giving atleast a Block Buster Hit movie.
Heroine :
(+) –> Actress from superhit malayalam movie “Premam” , called as Madonna sebastian (AKA) Celine. Only positive thing is that she is from Premam, a much hyped movie.
(-) –> Her beauty is over rated, I hope so. Both make up and hair style din’t support her face.

Dont think so, also I need to find the specific story based on Ka Ka Po.
Film moves around unsaid love and rowdism. But finally when I finished watching the movie,I just thought why there are some sequences irrelevant to the movie.
“Blank space”
Subtle and slow screenplay. I had watched many hollywood movies in this format of screen play. Actually, a best screen play is, people should not remember the sequence of scenes after watching the movie. This inturn will create repeat audience for the movie. But Nalan kumarasamy will surely slip here.
Songs – Of course, can’t expect a Bethovan’s symphony or Hans Zimmer’s orchestra to perform for this kind of movie. Not much scope for music . Re-recording and BGM – Nothing to say.

Santhosh Narayan – I don’t know whether I am grown up in mind in the music category to understand the music of Santhosh Narayan? or Santhosh Narayan’s music is out of box . I don’t realise what’s going through Santhosh’s over hyped music. I have heard some unique music composition from him as well. But most of his songs are of same notes with different version of voice experimentation. After “Kabali” ,lets hope that he picks up to render music to other high range actors. According to current form of Santhosh, my view is not at his best. If his music is so great and unique, why is he doing music for 2 nd grade directors alone. Perfect example is Anirudh, within his 10 movies he did music for top heroes. When he rendered music for the movie ‘3’, he din’t gain fame using Rajni’s daughter or Dhanush, still he marked his perfect spot.
Why this movie? and what are the needs to do this kind of movie?. People would laugh only in some places.What I would say is, Nalan Kumarasamy dint know what to do and how to finish the movie.
Once watchable , don’t expect any awe struck moment.
Nalan, work on more intense project. Also, take cinema as a more serious factor. Touch heights as you did for Soodhu kavvum. You are a perfect screen play writer. But, our cinema road is always slippery, take care. Keeping hope on you for next movie.
Riding a Bi-Cycle without pressure in the Tubes,while on Tornado!!!
Most social website gave high ratings, but my review rating would be , 2/5.

– Chandraganesh


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