Cinema- now a new perspective

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How about we discuss about a new movie? How many of you will adhere to new try given in Tamil cinema? too many questions came to my mind when i surf through the social network websites.
Later i found that there are some audience of Tamil cinema who speak about movies and comment on them without knowing about the actual Tamil cinema. Whether they have rights to comment on cinema? literally i don’t have any right to comment on those audience. But i will make comment on them because i have some knowledge of cinema in me.

1. In Recent days, 3 or 4 years back to be precise the movies with suspense thriller genre with twists and knots throughout the movie started to come.
2. Then came the comical horror movie trend, till now that trend continues.
3. Finally now Tamil cinema arrived at Zombie movie , specifically Miruthan (So called first of it’s kind)
Then how about “Adhisaya manidhan” , did the people now a days say First of its kind about this movie. Most people after reading the article will surely search for this movie in Wiki.
I don’t understand, whether people will have any sense before using the word first try or first of its kind in social networks?
“Miruthan” title explains all ‘Miru’gam + Mani’than’
The movie runs for 2 Hrs and some minutes. Even if people would have watched Resident evil movie in Hollywood this movie will create tension and fastness in movie flow for 1.45hrs. (“But for the last 15 or 20 min there was a superb performance by the director. this is my view i said in a ‘sarcastic’ mood”).
1. Most said the movie is first try in Tamil cinema, for those there is a question, then what about “Adhisaya manidhan”.
2. Even if its said as first try, why there should be logic holes in climax sequences?
3. Not a copy of resident evil most said, then why the zombies in miruthan look alike resident evil.
4. If the budget is not so high, why the director is opting for this kind of movie in a low budget? after taking the movie, people should not say if the budget is high Tamil cinema will look like avatar.
5. Who said we din’t have avatars’ in Tamil Cinema? (budget wise)
How about ‘Chandralekha’ produced by SS VASAN?
Naadodi mannan by MGR
Vikram by Kamal hassan
Indian by Surya movies
Jeans by AmirthaRaj family
Hey Ram by Kamal hassan
Anniyan by Aascar ravichandran
Dasavatharam by Aascar ravichandran
Sivaji by AVM
Enthiran by Sun pictures
AI by Aascar ravichandran
I don’t calculate movie with high budgets are like hollywood standards. Our Tamil movies also have World class movies with low budgets,
Movies taken by Balachander, Bharathiraja, Bhagyaraj( not specifying names here)
16 vayathinilae
mullum malarum
moondram pirai
Above are some examples of low budget movies which are always a classic, which are respected.
Now i am putting forth a question to people who said budget is the issue, Whether there can’t be a movie without high budget?
if high budget is needed, wait for the time to gain the producer for that.
How many know for taking “Avatar” Cameroon waited for over 10 years for technology to be built? likewise why can’t the director wait on for a producer with a high budget to give a high class movie. Now there are MNC producing movies, so we can’t escaping saying the budget as an issue. Only thing is the director need to prove himself, then he need to approach big producers.
Now people say that Miruthan as a first try in Tamil cinema, ” why those people din’t support many first try movies in Tamil cinema?” this is a slapping question to those audience.
1. Why isn’t first digital movie respected?
2. Why can’t most kamal hassan movies respected at the time of its release? I am not going to list it. as everyone know they watch the movie in K Tv and say the movie is good. But when on theatrical release where they had gone?
3. Why the first avid editing movie is not a commercial success?
4. Why din’t people respect movie like “Aarnya kandam” which is better than “Jigirthanda”,  both are like Quentin Tarantino’s genre.

Finally,Have some knowledge on cinema and then start publicizing. Without that, its absurd. Be a healthy Cinema watcher in future. As a cinema follower and liker person i did this article, Views may differ from other person’s perspective.

– Chandraganesh V

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