Need of Tamizh Nadu?? What do you Expect???

The Nature is the god of whole world. Without Nature’s gift like rain and air, life will not be possible in this earth. Science and Nature go hand on hand as both have no God to justify. Every particle in earth needs Nature’s Nurturing factor to get into life. So Vital part is if against Nature, you will be punished. That’s what happens at times in this world now in this recent century.

If you are against humanity, nature gives hard time to humans.
if you are against air and water, calamities will always be around the corner with you.
Finally if against nature, it will turn against you. But there will be an adverse effect on you which humans can’t handle. Such one happened recently in Chennai, a Metro city in TamizhNadu. Nothing could be handled at that juncture, everything turned upside down for many.
So here are some important things that are need to be followed after the flood had happened,
First, clean the roads and streets . keep them away from wastes from ditches and homes.
Spray some anti infectant powder or lotion to avoid germs spreading through air.
Mosquito sprays must be sprayed over all the areas which would avoid mosquitoes, in turn it would avoid diseases like malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, dengue Etc.
Always have the water heated up to its boiling point which will avoid germs spreading through normal water.
Wear face mask to avoid direct contact with the air-borne germs.
Wash hands before and after any work you are doing outside home. use hand sanitizer or soaps to clean your hand.
Lessons learnt after this flood:
Don’t build flats or houses in the agriculture land or lake area.
Don’t use plastic carry bags and go natural.
Don’t dispose waste in streets, only do it in dustbins.
Have Rain water harvesting methods implied in every home.
Clean the drainage systems every week, to avoid blockage.
Make proper drainage system which connects to the sewage disposal area.
Don’t have your homes near river beds, your are always under threat.
Government must have houses built for those who live near the river bed areas.
Make arrangements to deepen the lake , ponds and river beds.
Don’t make unauthorized soil excavation.
Construct Dams where it would be necessary.
Don’t cut trees near the lake or river side.
Finally Don’t Be against the Nature. If life of human species must be there for another 200yrs or so make nature as a friend and assist it with the aid that is needed. And be constructive in mind, Success of Life is on your hands.

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