Dreadful Run Even After Miles

Dreadful Run Even After Miles


Human a cursed organism in the world with some mutant abilities. Most wont believe that there are some organisms that are more brainy than Human race. We are mutant variety of many organisms, but DNAs are far different. Such kind will have a mutant capability named the “DREAM”.


the answers are in the subconcious mind which would play a vital role beyond your ability of living. The uncontrollable capability of going out of our boundaries are in the structure of dreams. Limitless exaggeration of lively happenings that you can only feel within you. But when its’ endless you would be in a state of coma, which would be a new world for living.

Life has a special surprises time to time, every night when you enter your subconcious mind then it would be exceptionally well to live with. Thats the only place you will be your king, you could live with anybody you like, you could live the life you need. The programmable sequence of life is the DREAM. Despite the word Blizz is not the acronym of DREAM, the human say them they have DREAM as a capability.

The neurons are the contact to the Outside world with the new inner world, when on scientifically approached the DREAM is just an effect of happenings around you. sometimes we DREAM about joy , sometimes we may sad after a DREAM. Its a wrong saying ‘DREAMS are not TRUE”, but its well inside your mind, you need to dig out to chew the happiness again.

DREAMS are always present in the brain cells, we come across some places or situations that are already met by us in dreams. Thats the juncture when the Life meets the Happy inner Life. Most wont remember the dream after you wake the subconcious mind, as we need to look after many things in this life. But when you doesnt have anything to look for, you would be happily enjoying the inner life which is DREAM.

The DREAM has the frame to get structure, the Frame i mean is the body of human. Every cell would be dreaming to live the future, but the cells could only be activated when you live your dream. Water drops can change directions, Flames can turn upside down, even the dead may make contact, everything is possible to live with when you are in Inner Life.
So DREAM any time, try to capitalize the dream in subconcious mind.

The victory of Life is attained only when the inner thoughts comes true one day. DREAM is a basic right for every individual in this planet, so enjoy the treat with that. There is a world waiting for you to make you as a happiest man, so better pull the string on that.

– Chandraganesh. V


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