Cristiano Ronaldo – A Unique and Complete footballer

Kid —> Boy —> Legend


‘If you watch football,then there’s no doubt you will love watching Cristiano Ronaldo’

At 10.20am on Tuesday 5 february at Cruz de Carvalho hospital in Madeira island,Baby nearly nine pounds and 52 centimeters was born. Everyone surrounding the lad doesn’t know this baby is going to become Legend in near future.His parents decide the name which they don’t know that this name going to be heartthrob of million peoples. Name is “CRISTIANO RONALDO DOS SANTOS AVEIRO”

Early Life :

Every child would be wanting their childhood be awesome but for cristiano it went in opposite side.As like most superstars he runned through tough phase.Losing his father to alcohol ,elder brother drug addictor; only hope for him is his mother who support him continuously.

At age 14,he discovered that he has ability to be semi professional footballer through his mother support who always with him in every part of his life.Like his mother another one follows his life;Tragedy

In his fifteenth age doctors discovered a life threatening heart diseases in him,which even operation could save him but not his football life.But his passion and love towards footballbreak that barrier and cristiano resume his training with Sporting club where Ronaldo started his professional football carrer

Following his Stellar performance against Manchester United in inauguration match he got theattention of everyone’s eyes,Sir Alex Ferguson eye’s too didn’t missed that wonderkid show against his own team.After that match even Manutd players urges their boss to sign that Madeira boy to their team.Analysing with chief executives about Cristiano’s scouting report Sir Alex Ferguson signed him immediately for Man Utd (£12.2m) beating Arsenal and Liverpool racing to bring wonderkid to their respective club.

CR7 :

Ronaldo insists Manutd boss to give him previous club Number ’28’ shirt but Sir Alex ferguson had another idea he gave him Manutd club famous iconic No.7 shirt as he knows this portugal kid is unique and going to do become Superstar in coming years. To his expectation CR7 produced astonishing performance and judge his boss decision that he is right candidate for No.7 shirt.

ManUtd life was never easygoing for Cristiano,’Rape alleged case’ ‘Involved in sending off own teammate Rooney in WC’ ‘Career threatening injuries’ but he was not normal football player to go down due to barriers,he rise up like phoenix bird when false acquisition and tragedybrings him down.

2007-2008 :

Even though Ronaldo consistently performed during his Manutd time,Year 2007-2008 was biggestturning point in his career which even he would have not aware that this year going to be
CR7 year.

Scoring astonishing 42 goals in all competition helping Manutd to clinch their 17th premier league title and 3rd European championship title.

The world witness the real “CRISTIANO RONALDO”.Playing as winger his goal ratio made everyone to scratched their head.Many says he is selfish.. arrogant.. not passing the ball for his teammates… but ronaldo left aside all these nonsense in corner and continuously give his best. Same year he won all individual awards and to put cherry on the cake he aslo won for the first time Most prestigious individual award Ballon d’Or.

This year also the starting point of Famous legendary rivals ‘Ronaldo vs Messi‘ era.

€94m :

Following his scintillating manutd career ronaldo moved to his childhood dream team Realmadrid for world record amount of €94m becoming most expensive transfer in football history.During his unveileing event nearly 80,000-85,000 fans gathered in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium justto see their hero joining their team. Such was a craze and love towards Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even scoring 35 goals (all competition) in first season it was not par enough for his quality as fans expect more from him.Very sooner he pick up with his teammates adjust to spanish teams conditions he went on to become Goal scoring machine for Galácticos.

Scoring 50 goals in single season is a dream for every attacking footballer but CR7 has doneit with ease not for one season but for Five seasons continously. You read it correct rite???. And he is still targeting to reach that feat once again in his current season.

Recently becoming Real Madrid all time top scorer in just 6 seasons scoring 324 goals in 310games breaking Realmadrid legend Raul record of 323 goals in 741 games.Numbers speak for him, I think that will sum up everything.

CR7 vs Messi :

Worlds most long lasting debate and it will even continue…..

Who is the best player? Ronaldo or Messi.???

Both are world class players, both are best in their own style.Messi can dribble past many players, his pass accuracy, Goal creativity is top notch.Magician!!!

On the other hand Ronaldo beat the opposition with his pace and skills, he don’t need to dribble past many players he can beat them with his powerful long range shots and headers.

If we started to compare these modern era legends we can debate for many many time even thislifetime will not be enough for that…….. But one thing is for sure they both has set thestandards which is even unthinkable for normal football players.

Coming back to CR7 present scenario,Mostly playing as the central striker.He is more often passing the ball to his teammates rather than taking the ball himself from halfway line to penalty area.His style of play has been change lot compare to his olden days.

Yes nowadays he can’t dribble past many players like his golden Manutd era.. his free kick accuracy has been gone very low, he is now not running from left flank side cutting inside dribble past players and scoring typical CR7 goals.

May be he has another idea since his age is (30) attacking him he is more persist about his health fitness,which will allow him to play for next 4-5 yrs.As Cristiano clearly states ‘Without football my life is worth nothing’

Some years after,One fine morning he will announce that he is ending his football career.As like me millions of ardent hardcore fans of Cristiano will not be happy to see that news butit has to be happen.

In coming years of football we may get to see many world class young talents,
Some may run through flanks dribble past players scoring goals…
Some may take pin point freekicks…
Some may hit powerful long range shots..
Some may be powerful headers…
Some may get past opposition in lightning second…
Some may have amazing skills which let down their opposition players in ground…..
Some may score goals with both legs…
Some may can score goals from outside the box…..

But whether we can see all these qualities in one player?????? Even God has to scratch his heads…

That’s “CRISTIANO RONALDO” for you guys…


Ahamed Sadakathullah

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